Hemp Update #21

Stalk Borer Damage

Is re-appearing due to the heaviness  of the top of the plants as the flowers develop.  Both ECB and common stalk borers are those doing the damage. 

NYSDAM Not Coming to Test?

Please refer to your partner agreement.  You are required to do your own testing and forward them to NYSDAM.  When you send in your harvest reports*, you will be told:

  1. Inspector is going to make an appointment for a sampling
  2. You may not have a sample taken by NYSDAM BUT you are still required to test on your own.

*If you don’t hear from DAM within 21 days after you submit the report you are NOT exempt from testing.  If you have not heard from NYSDAM, please e-mail or follow-up via phone.


These labs provide analysis for THC, other contaminants, and measure the preferred chemicals as

well. Each lab is a bit different in what is offered so be sure to obtain a sample result (COA-Certificate of

Analysis) and compare them to obtain the analysis you are looking for.

· East Coast Labs 172 Taunton Avenue East Providence, Rhode Island 02914

https://www.ecltesting.com Contact: matthew@ecltesting.com (401) 400-2709

· ProVerde 420 Fortune Blvd. Milford, MA 01757 http://www.proverdelabs.com Contact: Chris

Hudalla (617) 221-3356

· MCR Labs, LLC 85 Speen St. Framingham, MA 01701 https://mcrlabs.com Contact: Michael Kahn

(508) 872-6666

· CDX Analytics 39 Norman St. Salem, MA 01907 https://cdxanalytics.com Contact: Brian

Strasnick (978) 619-2244

· Eurofins BioDiagnostics, various locations, https://www.eurofinsus.com/biodiagnostics/ourservices/

hemp-testing/ e-mail: EBDIHemp@eurofins.com

Also, if you have obtained your own equipment to test for THC, be sure to calibrate your results along with 2 or 3 of the above labs to be sure

you are in the same range before you rely on your test completely.

Save the Date – Medical CBD Program

for Doctors – https://secure.occitizensfoundation.org/np/clients/occf/event.jsp?event=186&

General Public – https://secure.occitizensfoundation.org/np/clients/occf/event.jsp?event=187&