Hemp Update #18

Root-bound Plants?

It seems as though this crop is particularly unable to overcome any rood-binding that may have happened in the flats.  Plants are beginning to show signs of distress when the slightest stress occurs whether it be top growth has outpaced what the roots can support or are not able to take up optimal nutrients and moisture.  Some plants wilt or yellow and others lodge because roots have not spread to provide support.  There is nothing to do to remediate this at this point in growth.  When planting next year, be extra attentive to plants which are root-bound.  Soil types also seem to be a factor in this.  Heavier soils with higher clay content seem to be where more symptoms have been noted.

Crop Insurance for 2020?

In the 2020 cropping year, USDA will offer hemp coverage to farms who have Whole Farm policies:


Hemp Breeding Priorities Discussed

Harvest is Coming:

Remember to alter DAM: https://www.agriculture.ny.gov/pi/hemp-harvest-report-form.pdf

Coming Soon….

In the next week or so the NY Hemp Exchange board (now a not-so-fancy survey &pdf) will soon be a real match-maker-type website with the update information as a blog.  It will be very lovely and you’ll be able to sign up to see when new articles are posted as well as be able to post and see advertisements for hemp-related products.

In the meantime see the exchange postings here: