Hemp Update #10

Insect Damage Report:

We are seeing some insect damage to hemp leaves.  It all appears innocuous at this point.  At no site have we seen a population of insects that would be economically damaging but have seen leaves with a variety of holes and a few on a plant or 2 that were eaten almost entirely.  The damage appears to have occurred from a wide variety of insects from bugs, like tarnished plant bugs, making holes 1-2mm in diameter or Lepidoptera pests who may have defoliated a whole leaf or two.  Stalk borer was found in a few plants (picture credit: Aaron Gabriel, Capital Area Ag Program).  But, regardless of the population, there is little to do but observe.  This is reminding growers that no* pesticides are labeled for pest management, even those labeled for organic production as they are pesticides too. 

In the past, we have seen both aphids and spider mite populations be notable but economic damage has still been low or at least questionable.  Since the crop’s attractiveness to the consumer or lack of damage does not impact salability as it would in some vegetable crops, light infestation/damage is usually inconsequential. 

Paper in Cannabis pests: http://www.internationalhempassociation.org/jiha/iha03201.html

*a few (very few) pesticides are labeled is such a way as to permit application on hemp.  Because this is a new crop for consideration during labeling through EPA/DEC there will be a lag before labels refer to hemp. There is a movement to include in section 18 (special local needs) labeling before that.   The label is the LAW.  The pest and crop must be on the label for an application to be legal.

NY Hemp Extracts Bill:

There are proposed (the bill passed Assembly and Senate(see attached press release) and awaits signature by the Gov.) changes to hemp licensing etc.  It relates to the growth of industrial hemp and the regulation of hemp extract and provides for the licensing of cannabinoid related hemp extract and the requirements for such licenses.   For text of the bill or progress, see the link below:


Interesting selection (removal of changes noted in color): The commissioner may authorize the growing or cultivating of industrial hemp as part of agricultural pilot programs conducted by the  department and/or an institution of higher education to study the growth and cultivation, sale, distribution, transportation and processing of such hemp and products derived from such hemp provided that the site sand programs used for growing or cultivating industrial hemp are certified by, and registered with, the department.

This, with other wording, translates as: The hemp processed in NY must be grown or sourced in NY unless can’t be acquired elsewhere.

I encourage all growers & processors to read the bill.

Check out the Intern Blog!

Johanna Gertin, the Cornell Intern working in hemp this summer, has a blog journaling her weekly happenings.  See it here:

Summer Hemp Events:

§  2019 Cornell Seed Growers Field Day – July 2

§  Willsboro Farm Field Day – July 10

§  Aurora Farm Field Crops Field Day – July 11

§  Freeville Organic Farm Field Day – July 31

§  Long Island Hort Res Ext Center Plant Science Day – July 31

§  Hemp Workshop – Empire Farm Days – Aug 6-8

§  Cornell Hemp Field Day – Geneva – Aug. 13

§  Orange County Hemp Field Meeting –  Aug. 15

§  Cornell CBD Hemp Field Day – Bluegrass Lane, Ithaca – Sept. 10?

More information will be posted as soon as details become available.

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