NY Cannabinoid Hemp Regulations Update

Per the Cannabinoid Hemp Regulations which became effective on November 24, 2021, certain sections of these regulations had a delayed effective date to allow time for Cannabinoid Hemp Processors, Distributors and Retailers to come into compliance with the new regulations.  The sections of the regulations which have a delayed effective date include:

  • Part 114.9 Packaging and Labeling of Cannabinoid Hemp Products
  • Part 114.10 Laboratory Testing Requirements for Cannabinoid Hemp

Starting today April 25th, these sections of the regulations are now in full effect.  All Cannabinoid Hemp licensees must adhere to the requirements of the regulations. 


As a reminder, any business, including online, retailing cannabinoid hemp products is required to submit a retail application for a license along with the $300 license fee. Please use the link below to find out more information on how to apply: https://www.businessexpress.ny.gov/app/answers/cms/a_id/3813

Please reach out to hemp@ocm.ny.gov if you have any questions.

Thank you,

New York State Office of Cannabis Management

Cannabinoid Hemp Program