Pesticides for Hemp

There are no pesticides specifically labeled for hemp (yet)….however, some may have broad enough crop listing that hemp might fall into being a legal use.

DEC has examined FDA labels and has found those that would be legal for use in NY.  See the explanation below for more and instructions on how to search for them.

If you have questions or think there’s a chemical missing from the list that may qualify, please call your CCE Educator.

From DEC:

We updated our database to add a designation for hemp. We updated the records for products that we have been asked about to date. If anyone has a question regarding a product, send it to us for a determination and we will update the database.

This is the main NYSPAD link:

Select products search. Click on Advanced Search to open up the search options. In the Use/Type box select HEMP (INDUSTRIAL) in the Pesticide Use dropdown box and then click search. The search currently returns 33 results. That will increase as we add products.

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